2000 - 2001 Stamps

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Name Cost Date of issue Sale start date Purchase
Italian silk industry  2,58 29-Nov-2001 27-Gen-2003 Sale temporarily suspended
Italian Design 2001  2,46 1-Set-2001 24-Gen-2003 Sale temporarily suspended
National Football Championship 2001  4,92 23-Giu-2001 28-Gen-2003
Ferrari  2,58 9-Mar-2001 28-Gen-2003
Italian melodrama and opera  1,64 27-Set-2001 28-Gen-2003 Sale temporarily suspended
Past - Future  2,06 1-Gen-2000 27-Gen-2003
Art - Science  0,82 4-Mar-2000 28-Gen-2003
Italian Design 2000  2,46 9-Mar-2000 28-Gen-2003
Nature - City  0,82 4-Mag-2000 28-Gen-2003
National Football Championship 2000  4,92 20-Mag-2000 27-Gen-2003
Generations - Space  0,82 4-Lug-2000 27-Gen-2003
War - Peace  0,82 4-Set-2000 27-Gen-2003
Meditation - Expression  0,82 4-Nov-2000 27-Gen-2003 Sale temporarily suspended


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