Spazi filatelia

These shops offer a huge assortment of stamps, folders …and all sorts of philatelic collectors’ items, with specialised staff on hand to guide you through the world of philatelic collection. They also host events, ceremonies, conventions and classes on the subject of philately.


Spazio Filatelia RomaSpazio filatelia Roma

Spazio Filatelia Roma

Sede : Piazza San Silvestro, 20 - 00187 Roma
Telefono : 06 69737273
Fax : 06 69737275

Orario: lunedi . venerdi 8,30/14,00 , sabato 8,30/13,00

Responsabile: Mariani Anna



Spazio Filatelia MilanoSpazio Filatelia Milano

Spazio Filatelia Milano

Sede : Via Cordusio, 4 - 20123 Milano
Telefono : 02  72482141 - 2143

Fax : 02 72482492 - 2018

Orario: lunedi . venerdi 8,30/14,30 , sabato 8,30/12,00

Responsabile: Brugaletta Paola



Spazio Filatelia VeneziaSpazio Filatelia Venezia

Spazio Filatelia Venezia

Sede : Fondamenta del Gaffaro, 3510 D. D - 30123 Venezia
Telefono : 041 5221614 - 5287911

Fax : 041 5289376

Orario: lunedi . venerdi 8,30/14,00 , sabato 8,30/13,00

Responsabile: Marchi Giorgio



Spazio Filatelia NapoliSpazio Filatelia Napoli

Spazio Filatelia Napoli

Sede : Via Monteoliveto, 46 - 80134 Napoli

Telefono : 081 4289670

Fax : 081 4289666

Orario: lunedi . venerdi 8,30/14,00 , sabato 8,30/14,00

Responsabile: Paris Mariagrazia



Spazio Filatelia TriesteSpazio Filatelia Trieste

Spazio Filatelia Trieste

Sede : via Galatti, 7/D - 34133 Trieste

Telefono : 040 6764305

Fax : 040 6764202

Orario: lunedi . venerdi 8,30/14,00 , sabato 8,30/12,00

Responsabile: Catone Daniela



Spazio Filatelia TorinoSpazio Filatelia Torino





                               Posta Centrale in via Alfieri


Spazio Filatelia Torino

Sede : via Alfieri, 10 - 10121 Torino

Telefono : 011 5060093 / 94

Fax : 011 5060019

Orario: lunedi . venerdi 8,30/14,00 , sabato 8,30/13,00

Responsabile: Casto Marco



Spazio Filatelia GenovaSpazio Filatelia Genova





Spazio Filatelia Genova

Sede : via Dante, 4 - 16121 Genova

Telefono : 010 5318800

Fax : 010 566542

Orario: lunedi . venerdi 8,30/14,00 , sabato 8,30/13,00

Responsabile: Amadei Carla


Philatelic items to collect

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, Poste Italiane and Bolaffi have created a unique philatelic collection, designed to offer an informative journey through the most important figures, regions and places that have shaped Italy’s history.

Spazio filatelia Roma

First philately shop located in the historical Poste Italiane building in Piazza San Silvestro, in the centre of Rome. An elegant setting, featuring period furniture. Inside, customers can purchase stamps, postcards, “first day covers”, books and publications.

Spazio filatelia Milan

Located in Via Cordusio, in the centre of the city, close to Piazza Duomo, within a historical building dating back to the Twenties. Inside are a number of halls decorated with frescoes and ceramic objects under the protection of the Italian Artistic Heritage Department.

Spazio filatelia Venezia

Located in Dorsoduro 3510, in Fondamenta del Gaffaro, just a short distance from Piazzale Roma, close to the Basilica dei Frari, the Scuola Grande di San Rocco and the Church of San Nicola da Tolentino.

Spazio filatelia Naples

The Post Office building is located in Piazza Matteotti. Part of the project for the redevelopment of the city’s Carità district, the building work lasted from 1928 from 1936, the year in which it was inaugurated. It was designed by the architects  Giuseppe Vaccaro and Gino Franzi, who, as for the new buildings being constructed in the area, adapted their work to the “monumental”, rationalist demands of the Fascist regime. It was built using slabs of black and white marble, arranged with great accuracy and skill together with the steel frameworks of the door and window frames. At the centre of the curved façade is the main entrance, at the top of a flight of steps. In addition, in Via Monteoliveto (where the Spazio Filatelia shop is located) and in Via del Chiostro, there are two side entrances; the former is also used by vehicles. Inside is a large entrance hall, where there is a sculpture by Arturo Martini dedicated to the Fallen, overlooked by the galleries of the upper floors, which lead to the various offices.

Spazio filatelia Trieste

Located in the late-nineteenth-century Post Office building in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, perhaps the finest work of the Austrian architect Friedrich Setz, famous for having designed almost all of the post offices of what was then the Habsburg Empire. The shop can be entered from the Postal Museum of Central Europe. Today the museum displays photographs, postcards, uniforms, fine philatelic materials and period equipment ranging from what was required for a military post office to incising equipment for disinfecting letters.

Spazio filatelia Turin

The building was designed by Ernesto Ghiotti and inaugurated in 1911, the year the great Exposition was held in Turin for the fiftieth anniversary of the unification of Italy. In 1928 the property was given over by the State to the Postal and Telecommunications Administration. In memory of the postal, telegraph and telephone employees who lost their lives in World War I, a statue representing Victory – by Edoardo Rubino, like the bronze figures at the entrance -  was placed in the lobby.