Temporary Philatelic Services and special postmarks

To advertise an event, you can request the activation of temporary philatelic services, provided with a special cancellation

Bolli specialiPoste Italiane activates Temporary Philatelic Services featuring special postmarks on the occasion of conventions, congresses, gatherings, exhibitions, celebrations of historical events, philatelic, sports, cultural and humanitarian events, anniversaries of people no longer alive and inaugurations of public works of particular local or national importance. The special postmark features words and/or pictures regarding the subject of the event.

The service is aimed at anyone looking to advertise or give a historic dimension to their event through the creation of a special postmark (public or private bodies, associations, companies, political parties, trade union organisations, committees promoting or organising events).

You may request all the information you require directly from the head of philatelic services in your region or province.

Philatelic items to collect

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, Poste Italiane and Bolaffi have created a unique philatelic collection, designed to offer an informative journey through the most important figures, regions and places that have shaped Italy’s history.

When you request the service

For all kinds of events of public interest: conventions, congresses, gatherings, fairs, exhibitions, celebratory events, inaugurations.

What is a special postmark?

A particular kind of postmark that features words and pictures regarding the theme of the event to be publicised.

How to request the services

By contacting the head of philatelic services in your area. On this page you will find the list, divided up region by region.