Philatelic programme

Each issue is presented with a brief description and an indication of the number of stamps issued.

Also indicated are the face value of the stamp and the date of issue

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2006 to 2013

The first stamp

The first stamp, the famous “Penny Black”, was issued in Great Britain in May 1840.

What is the philatelic programme?

The programme is the calendar of the issues planned throughout the year, featuring an indication of the face value of each stamp.

How are stamps classified?

They are divided into commemorative, celebratory and regular.


Regular stamps are both those in the series in everyday use (so-called “definitive stamps”) and those issued on the same theme over more than one year. For example the series dedicated to cinema or sport. These are generally the stamps that are most sought after by collectors.

commemorative and celebratory?

Those dedicated to famous personalities and important events.

What are postal stationery entires?

Postal stationery on which a franking stamp is already printed. Postal stationery entires include, for example, postcards, aerogrammes, lettercards and postal envelopes.