Marcophily is the hobby of postmark collecting. In addition to the regular postmarks post offices are supplied with, Poste Italiane also creates "special postmarks", normally used when and where Temporary Philatelic Services are provided, as well as “advertising postmarks”.

These postmarks, which may or may not be pictorial, feature words and/or pictures regarding events of significant cultural, economic and social interest. Also included in this category are postmarks created for the issue of particular stamps.

Annulli speciali

Targhette pubblicitarie

How to have objects stamped using special postmarks
Ho have properly franked objects stamped with special postmarks, it is possible to directly contact the places where Temporary Services are provided, during the hours indicated on the calendar of temporary services. Alternatively, the franking stamps may be requested by post from the sales offices of the Poste branches in charge of the particular areas. The addresses of these offices and the deadlines for sending requests are generally indicated on the calendar of temporary services.

Calendar of Temporary Services

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» 21 giugno  (322k)

» 14 giugno  (322k)

» 07 giugno  (285k)

» 31 maggio  (404k)

» 24 maggio  (259k)

» 17 maggio  (259k)

» 17 maggio  (540k)

» 10 maggio  (370k)

» 03 maggio  (460k)

» 26 aprile  (160k)

» 19 aprile  (290k)

» 12 aprile  (280k)

» 05 aprile (230k)

» 29 marzo  (260k)

» 22 marzo  (380k)

» 15 marzo  (120k)

» 08 marzo  (213k)

» 01 marzo (213k)

» 23 febbraio (159k)

» 16 febbraio (166k)                   

» 09 febbraio (129k)

» 02 febbraio (154k)

» 26 gennaio  (114k)

» 19 gennaio  (181k)

» 12 gennaio  (181k)

» 05 gennaio  (103k)

» 22 dicembre (550k)

» 15 dicembre (550k)

» 07 dicembre (364k)                   

» 07 dicembre (418k)

» 01 dicembre (507k)


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Philatelic items to collect

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, Poste Italiane and Bolaffi have created a unique philatelic collection, designed to offer an informative journey through the most important figures, regions and places that have shaped Italy’s history.

When you request the service

For all kinds of events of public interest: conventions, congresses, gatherings, fairs, exhibitions, celebratory events, inaugurations.

What is a special postmark?

A particular kind of postmark that features words and pictures regarding the theme of the event to be publicised.